What We Do

We partner with small and emerging financial advisory and investment management firms to help them solve their toughest challenges so they can focus on the task at hand: taking care of their clients.

For some of our clients, this means leveraging our team’s years of experience in data science, business administration, and management consulting to help them gain operational efficiency. Other, more mature firms, trust us as their safe harbor when looking to optimize their years of hard work and transition out of the business to enjoy the next chapter of their lives. Regardless of what operational challenges you need to solve for your firm, we’re confident we can help you rise above those obstacles and future-proof your firm for the long haul.

What's Keeping You Up at Night?

Do you Know the True Value of Your Firm?

When it comes to selling the business you’ve spent decades building, you’ll have plenty of questions to ask yourself such as how are you going to maximize the sale of your firm, and how you are going to find a buyer who will continue to treat your clients well.

Are You Worried About Staying Competitive?

Firms that lack the infrastructure to expand via acquisition and financial resources to invest in organic growth will eventually become obsolete. One way to avoid such a fate is to sell all or part of your firm to a larger RIA or benefit from joining a larger platform.

Are You Confident You Can Scale Your Business?

Advances in technology and increasing regulatory burdens are driving up the cost of doing business, making it difficult for smaller firms to invest in organic growth

Do You Have a Successor?

There’s never a bad time to start developing a business succession plan, yet many RIA owners over the age of 50 don’t have a defined exit strategy. We can help you develop a succession strategy that allows you to maximize the sale of your firm, yet provides the flexibility to maintain your client relationships for as long as you want.

How much more valuable would your firm be
if you partnered with 212 Wealth Management?

How We Help You

We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, continuously enhancing our offerings to meet advisors’ and their clients’ evolving needs.

Administrative Support

We take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks that can consume valuable time and resources, such as client onboarding, document management, and reporting. By outsourcing these responsibilities to us, advisors can streamline their operations and focus on building client relationships and generating revenue.

Scalable Infrastructure

As your advisory firm grows, so do your operational needs. We help advisors establish a scalable infrastructure that can support their expanding business requirements. From technology solutions to operational processes, we ensure that your firm is well-equipped to accommodate growth without compromising efficiency or service quality.

Compliance Assistance

Navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape can be a daunting task. Our compliance experts provide guidance, develop robust compliance frameworks, conduct audits, and offer ongoing support to ensure advisors remain compliant with industry regulations, giving them peace of mind and reducing their exposure to risk.

Business Development

We believe that sustainable growth is rooted in effective business development strategies. Our team collaborates with advisors to identify growth opportunities, refine their value proposition, and implement marketing initiatives that attract new clients and strengthen existing relationships.